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Alfafara opens the celebration of Women’s Day with a documentary by Mabel Lozano

The screening of the documentary “Chicas nuevas 24 horas” by Mabel Lozano will open the celebration of International Women’s Day in Alfafara. This will be the outcome of the program, organized by the City Council, which also includes talks, music, magic, a cultural trip and a dinner.


Director Mabel Lozano will be on Thursday February 28 in Alfafara for the screening and subsequent talk on the documentary “Chicas nuevas 24 horas”. Lozano directed this audiovisual work, filmed in Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Peru, which addresses the business of buying and selling women and girls for sexual exploitation. At 5 pm the viewing will begin, not recommended for children under 14, at the Social Center La Mateta and the entrance will be free.

On Friday, March 1, at 7 pm, at the Social Center La Mateta, a talk on “Palestine, from a gender perspective” will be given by BDS País Valencià. On Saturday, March 2 at 4 pm, a walk will be started on La Solana, to the north of the municipality of Alfafara, and then there will be popular games. The weekend will be closed on Sunday, March 3, at 5:30 pm, with the talk “Strengthening the political action of women” by Jimena Calizaya Fabián, technique of the center Juana Azurduy, and Martina Espinosa Florez, leader of the Only Federation of Workers of Originating Peoples of Chuquisaca Bartolina Sisa of Bolivia.

On Thursday, March 7th, a talk is scheduled, at 7 pm, on “The woman in our proverbs, sayings and phrases made” by Àlex Agulló. And on Friday March 8 there will be a cultural trip to the Font de la Figuera. The trip costs 22 euros and those interested must sign up to the City Council before March 5.

The celebration of Women’s Day will continue on Saturday, March 9th, with the traditional dinner of all the women of the town at the Cultural Center The Board of Trustees, where they will have to contribute a donation of 12 euros, and on Sunday, March 10, the magic and Music writes the final point to the commemoration. Thus, at 12 noon, there will be a performance by magician Hugo Aracil and singer Noa Villar and at 7 pm, the County Music School will offer the “Women’s Concert”. Both activities will be at the Board of Trustees.

All programmed activities, except for the trip and the dinner, are free entrance until the capacity is complete.

Environment activates the crushing of agricultural remains to prevent burning in the Sierra Mariola

The Consellería de Medio Ambiente has activated a plan to crush agricultural waste to prevent burning on the land located in the Serra Mariola natural park. The new units of biotrituració, during the last months, have been receiving the specific formation and have started the works in the plots.

Specifically, and according to information from the consellería, the task consists of the crushing of the vegetal rest that the farmer generates in the daily work of maintenance of the trees and that normally was eliminated by means of the combustion. Now, thanks to this project, the remains are managed by a biotrituració machinery and the resulting material is left to the plot because the farmer incorporated it into the soil, which in turn implies an agrarian improvement by the incorporation of organic matter and increase in the humidity of the earth.

The department headed by the counselor Elena Cebrián informs that to carry out this nine plan, as an alternative to the use of fire, the work areas in the natural parks have been selected, as is the case of the Serra Mariola and Font Roja. Thus, and according to the information provided, the brigades operate on land in Bocairent, Alfafara, Agres, Muro, Cocentaina, Alcoi, Ibi and Bañeras. In total, in this first period of operation will serve 59 plots with a total of approximately 44 hectares.

The regional secretary of Environment and Climate Change, Fran Quesada, accompanied by the general director of Forest Fire Prevention, Delia Alvarez, yesterday visited the crushing works that were being developed in a land of the term of Agres. Quesada stressed “the important advances in a more responsible management of agricultural waste through public initiatives that allow us to avoid the use of fire and move towards the circular economy.”


Quesada, in the framework of this visit, met with the mayors who have formed the Umbria consortium of the Serra de Mariola, among which was the mayor of Alfafara Raquel Vicedo, to see first-hand the project of territorial governance innovation that have been launched to promote new possibilities for the use of residual biomass.

The objective of this project, subsidized within the framework of measure 16 of the PDR promoted by Medio Amnbient, is to encourage the introduction of biomass boilers and the development of a quality compound that in turn can be used by agricultural activity and , thus, be able to promote the local economy.

The 2019 budget increases by 167% for the expansion works of the school by the Edifying Plan

El presupuesto del Ayuntamiento de Alfafara por 2019 es de 849.180 euros frente a los 317.406 euros del año pasado, el que representa un incremento del 167%. El motivo principal de esta subida está en la inclusión en el presupuesto –que ya está aprobado- de las obras de ampliación del aulario Álvarez Pons, que pertenece en el Centro Rural Agrupado Mariola-Benicadell, a cargo del Pla Edificando de la Generalitat Valenciana.

En la previsión económica figura una partida de 539.114 euros para la construcción de tres aulas, lavabos y una pista polideportiva, entre otros, en el terreno anexo al actual edificio, situado en la avenida de la Generalitat Valenciana.

El gobierno local se ha reunido recientemente con la directiva del CRA Mariola-Benicadell y con el AMPA para mostrarlos el proyecto y estos representantes han hecho alguna aportación. En estos momentos, los técnicos trabajan al perfilar el documento final antes de la licitación, adjudicación y ejecución de esta actuación de mejora en la infraestructura educativa; un proceso que se desarrollará los próximos meses.

El resto del cómputo anticipado de los gastos e ingresos para este 2019 no varía mucho respecto al presupuesto de 2018, según informan fuentes del ejecutivo local. Hay que destacar que se da una continuidad a partidas que se crearon el año pasado y que están destinadas a la promoción económica en el pueblo como es la ayuda de 3.000 euros para emprendedores.

Permaneciendo positivo

El Consistorio alfafarenc cerró el ejercicio 2018 con un remanente de 152.404 euros. Esta tendencia positiva está dándose en el últimos ciclos económicos, como fue el caso de las cuentas de 2017 con un remanente de 118.686 euros, una parte de los cuales se ha destinado a la instalación de faroles en el camino del Azud y a reparaciones en la red de agua y de caminos rurales.

More than 40 exhibitors will participate this Sunday in the fifth edition of Fireta de Santa Cecília

More than 40 exhibitors will participate this Sunday in the fifth edition of Fireta de Santa Cecília, organized by the City of Alfafara. The vendors will open at 10 am to present a wide range of crafts, gastronomy and solidarity. Thus, visitors can find in the paradetes located Mateta nougat, mermelades, candied fruit, honey and sausage from the town of Alfafara, craft bags, jewelry, knives, wicker baskets and esparto, ceramics, olive oil alfafarenca, craft beer , wine, vermouth, cheeses, …

The fair, also, will have the collaboration of local associations such as Cáritas with fair market products and solidarity, the Alzheimer’s Association with the traditional fried coquettes, the Housewives of Alfafara or the Valencian Fund for Solidarity. And, to gather strength, there will also be exhibitors who will offer to eat.

In addition to this market, several activities will also be held. At 11 o’clock there will be a batucada in the park, at 12 o’clock an oil tasting by Socapma at the Social Center La Mateta, at 13 o’clock the presentation of the book “La guerra de los sendas” by Rafa Segura at the Social Center La Mateta and at 5:00 pm, Dani Miquel will perform at the El Patronato Cultural Center.

More than 40 people go through the Pantanet and the Cuevas de la Arena de Alfafara in the Vuelta a la Mariola


Alfafara brings together more than 40 hikers for the autumn edition of the Vuelta a la Mariola

La Vuelta a la Mariola made a stop last Saturday in Alfafara to show the Pantanet and the Arena Caves. Forty five people toured the more than 5 kilometers of the route that connects the urban area with this natural area, located north of the municipal area.

The tour started from the Plaza de España, in front of the Town Hall, to continue along the old Xitxarra train, and parallel to the ravine, until reaching the Pantanet river. Then, the road took the participants to the mill, a construction located near the river, which dates from the seventeenth century and served to grind the grain. A path led the attendants to the top of the Pantanet where they stopped for lunch.

Behind the recess, the march was resumed until the Cuevas de la Arena. The hikers knew these caves of clay soil, of which it is unknown what was its utility as well as the construction, although it is thought that they were formed by the erosion of wind and water.



The walk continued through the fields of Carbonell, passing through the Solana and on the way, again, back to the village. This was the completion of another fall edition of the Vuelta a la Mariola, organized by the Serra de Mariola association and the Alfafara City Council, which will permetrate visitors – coming from Alicante, Alcoi or Bocairent – to discover this natural heritage Alfafarenc.

Alfafara shows the enlargement of the Town Hall

Alfafara opened the doors of the Town Hall to show the extension of the building and the reform that has been carried out months ago and that has cost 120,000 euros – 95% has been paid by the Diputación de Alicante and the rest by the municipal coffers. The works consisted of the construction of the new Plenary Hall, diaphanous rooms for administrative activity and a new archive. An elevator that improves accessibility in this municipal building has also been installed.

The new cameras have been equipped with furniture -such as tables, chairs and shelves-, has been placed the photographs of the three mayors (Evarito Francés, Vicente Terol and José Sanz) and mayor (Raquel Vicedo) that from 1979 to the present that has had the town and two ballot boxes used in previous legislatures decorate the Plenary Hall and its anteroom.

The neighbors and the neighbors of Alfafara could know these news last Sunday in the day of open doors that organized the local government. The mayor, who was accompanied by the councilors of her team, welcomed the attendees and explained them as a dream the new dependencies. Likewise, the batlessa stressed that the doors of the City Council are always open for Alfafarencs and Alfafarenques.

Visitors, during the tour, entered the office of the mayor to write a dedication or sign the signature book of the City of Alfafara. The visit ended with a toast with iced lemon and the tasting of sweets.

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