JULY 2021

Day Doctor Nurse Analytics
Monday 12h – 14h 12h – 14h No service
Tuesday 12h – 14h 12h – 14h No service
Wednesday 12h – 14h 12h – 14h 8:30h – 11:00h (21st and 28th July)
Thursday 12h – 14h 12h – 14h No service
Friday 12h – 14h 12h – 14h No service


Observations >>>>>>>
The analytics will take place on the 21st and 28th of July in Alfafara, and on the 7th and 14th of July will take places in Agres.

On Wednesday, when there is an analytics in Alfafara, the timetable for the consultation will be from 8:30h to 11:00h.

Medical Centre location


PHARMACY OPENING HOURS (Licentiate Maribel Rufete)


Day Morning timetable Afternoon timetable
Monday 10h – 14h 17:30h – 20h
Tuesday 10h – 14h 17:30h – 20h
Wednesday 10h – 14h 17:30h – 20h
Thursday 10h – 14h 17:30h – 20h
Friday 10h – 14h 17:30h – 20h
Saturday 10h – 14h ————

Pharmacy location

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