The name of Alfafara comes from surely of the Arab voice Alfawara: “brollador of water that flows with force”. At his municipal term (20,41 km2) is count more of 85 fonts. The people of Alfafara, landlocked at the occidental extreme of the Valleta of Sour, at the feet of the Saw Mariola, is surrounded of mounts of some height: the beak of the Portín (1081m) at the south, and the Adret (642m), at the north. It belongs at the region of the County and finds situated at the north of the province of Alicante


Our localization, arriving y a little more on us
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Has proof of primitive settlements, predominately of the eneolítico, the epoch of bronze and íberos, assentats at the municipal term..
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At Alfafara, as at the ombria as a the adret, can enjoy of calm places, relaxants, perfumed, silent and of easy access; favourable for walks or excursions: the Mother of God of the Light, the Font of Carbonell , the Cave of the Windows, the river Pantanet, the Rupestrian Mill, the Necropoleis of the Mas of the Pou, the Recreational Area of the Tarragó, the cave of the Bolumini, the Taulellets, Cava of the Portín, Digs it of D. Miguel, the font of the Sagristà, the Cave of the Font, the Crag the Xorro and the Assut, are an excellent sample.

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